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too many five

So I got some of the tickets I had applied for. Actually, I was expecting to get less than I did in the end, but non of the matches I'm going to see is with the All Blacks. Here's me still hoping to see them though.


   The games I have the tickets for are:
South Africa v Wales in Wellington on Sep 11
USA v Russia in New Plymouth on Sep 15

(not because I'm a big fan of these two teams, but out of pure political curiosity XD)
Australia v Ireland in Auckland on Sep 17
and Bronze Final also in Auckland on Oct 21

Right. I think I should seriously start looking around how to get there and survive.

And loupiotte posted this inspiring trailer on my Facebook wall. I want to have it here as well.



get freaky tonight

I love this feeling when my last student closes the door behind her and I realize that my weekend has just begun. What a relief!
Even though we didn't have classes on Thursday (A Teacher's Day and I got an award from my head master, which I'm pretty pleased with), I still am tired after the whole week. So, to feel better, I'm going to Warsaw for the weekend to visit my friends and most of all, to see Taika Waititi's BOY on a big screen. I'm happy it's still on (after one week), because the promotion sucked and I've seen many screenings being cancelled. Just in case, I've reserved a ticket, not because I was afraid there won't be enough for me, but because I was afraid they'd cancel the only screening time that suits me XD.

Re: TPF website. I came up with the name Wobbly Bird, and when it started growing on me, I found out that wobblybird.com already exists :( . Who calls their websites like that?! So, yeah... back to searching...

the feel of the wheel

I feel like I'm falling into the winter time weekly circle. Work at school. Afternoon private classes. Guitar. Swimming pool. Grandma. Get ready for the next day. Bake bread. Some TV or a film, if time allows.

This way time passes very quickly and I don't mind if Christmas or winter break is like tomorrow. The problem is, What's the point?

tired of London?

The first episode of the second season of the Polish series The Londoners made me miss London very much. Ugh...

I don't usually watch TV and shows particularly. There is a choice between detective / criminal or boring romance / freaked relationships series, i.e. no choice. But last year the Polish television came up with Londyńczycy and it almost got me on my knees. Great cast, the city, music, true stories of Polish immigrants struggling with life in London and trying to make their dreams come true, which not always happens. I was anxious about the season 2 and afraid that it will lose its pace, authenticity and turn into another boring romantic series. But it appears that not this time, at least not this season. This episode, like the previous season's episodes, went way too fast. I'm always surprised that it's over and I have to wait another week to see what happens next.

I guess you know what I'll be doing every Thursday evening this autumn;).

Procrastinators: Leaders of Tomorrow

Finally I've started doing something this week but in a slow motion. I was little nervous to start driving after three weeks break. I called my instructor and had two hours of driving on Monday. When I got off the car, I felt every muscle in my legs and had a wet back. But the next day I was much more confident. I was still making all possible mistakes and errors, but I'm glad I have this guy as my instructor. We get on with each other really well, though he always proofs me that I'm a douche bag. All in all, I'm happy that driving a car is getting to bring me more joy than stress.

I did some translation for my friend who's been waiting for it since February. Until I don't have a knife on my throat I don't feel like doing anything, unless it's something I'm really into, like Flight of the Conchords. Thanks to fotcmb.com I could see the outtakes from S2 sooner than I thought I would. This page is a treasure chamber, man! And I'm approaching slowly to the Wiki page reading DOs and DON'Ts, planning the article, because I want the guys to have a decent article and translating the English one doesn't satisfy me.

The weather is crazy sunny and hot. The best places to be is either by the lake or at home hiding. My elbow, after the bike accident hasn't recovered, yet, so I'm doing the latter.

it has to be bad to get worse...

...and then get better:).

I got my room back!!! But my parents' living room is in real mess, so until my dad doesn't finish his work there, my mum spends most of her time in my room watching tv or sleeping in front of it. We're an average family.

Last time I promised to change my mood. I'll try. Since I like getting gifts and today I got THE guitar, it made my day!!! Can you recognise who's got a similar one? Just a small quiz for FOTC freaks... I've already started learning to play Carol Brown. And my dear Amazon has informed me that it's just dispatched Season Two, sooner than I expected. Can you feel the tension?

I got really lazy this week after quite busy July. I stayed at home for most of the time and away from responsibilities. Gooood. I can't believe it's the middle of my summer holiday! Baaaad. I guess everything what I've planned in my 'to do' list will be done in August. But still, I should treat the list "more like guidelines not the code", otherwise I'll be stressed that I haven't done my plan, instead of enjoying the summer, which is the priority:).

sing to me

Why do my parents always, ALWAYS have to do some major re-painting etc. works while I'm away thinking that they'll finish it before I get back and never do it? I don't mind cleaning up but the problem is that I leave my room tidied and return to a room like someone has just dropped a bomb and I can't recognise it, not to mention finding anything there. I've come home from the camp today and I don't have anywhere to sleep and no access to clean clothes (luckily, Mr Vintage sent me a tee, so I have at least something for tomorrow; thanks artic_fox for the link!!! Love it;). I always lose my safety balance when it happens and can't pick myself up, especially when I see my dad drunk doing nothing with this mess and looking for a reason to have an argument. It would be different if I were in the process of changes but this situation is just beyond my strength. Good that I have my cats to hug and managed to get to my computer to shut myself in the virtual world of the Internet. No changes here, ay.

Sorry for my mood. I've noticed that I always post an entry when something bothers me. I promise to fix it. Tomorrow should be better.
 ...well, not actually. I´m in Hannover, Germany using free Internet access in an Apple shop in a huge new shopping mall. So big, that before you find a "double you see", you can piss your pants. And when you finally do find it, you have to pay €0,50. It´s highway robbery! In Poland we have toilets in shopping malls for free and they are still quite clean. Well, never mind.

So, how is my summer holiday going? Pretty busy, I must say. First week spent with two of my best friends on a yacht trying to drawn them and practicing the line from FOTC song Friends: If you kick my d*ck, I won´t break your balls. The truth is that I was kicking them, because it was my first time as a skipper and I was really scared for the first few days not to flip the boat and they had to obey me. With time, I became braver or balder with sailing and the atmosphere got better. They were friendly enough not to break my "balls".
Then there was my friends´ wedding which took place in Warsaw and then we picked three Australian friends from the airport and took them into the tranquility asylum, which is my hometown, Szczytno. The story about one of the Australians requires a longer explanation, so I shall leave it for the separate entry. We spent five days in Masuria and headed back to Warsaw from where we left to Germany on the next day. We are on a camp organised by my friend. So far it was really good and peaceful time, riding by bikes, swimming, eating enormous amounts of chocolate (check Ritter Sport brand;), until yesterday. The day before today, one of the campers had an accident on his bike, broke his arm and cut his eyebrow. Today I was so proud of myself that I ride so safely and slowly, but not for long. I rode onto the rear wheel of the person before me and fell of my bike hurting my elbow badly and breaking my mobile. It still can work but the screen doesn´t look good:(. We were on the way to the railway station and my injury wasn´t that bad to go back to the hostel, so now I´m walking in pain in the strange city. To cheer myself up, I ate four scoops of Mövenpick ice dreams. I feel much better;). One part of the group has gone to Wolfsburg and some wanted to stay here and do some more shopping, so I´ve stayed with them and I have few hours left before we meet together. I think I´ll go to the park, ´coz I´m really fed up with the malls and those crowds.

Hope your summer is exceptional. Till the next week.

let's take a photo of a goat in a boat


Man, it's so good to be a teacher and have two months of holiday, forgetting about those ten months of really, REALLY hard work. Though my lazy nature wants to do nothing but sleep, I also like learning new things and develop. I've decided to do something for myself and 'humanity'. So here is the list that I hope it will make me proud of at the end of August.

To do summer list:

1. do the driving licence (haven't got one; I attempted when I was 17, but was too young and too stupid to get it);
2. learn to play the guitar (I'm waiting for the one I've bought from Canada; long trip but I'm sure it's worth it; now I'm trying to play the borrowed one, but it's very discouraging, because it gets out of tune very quickly);
3. take thousands of pictures for the photography workshops (have you seen "Yes Man"?);
4. work on the graphic side of my LJ (I haven't credited any of the icons I use, I'm very sorry, but I'll make this up now);
5. work on the Polish Wikipedia page of Flight of the Conchords (the information about them is very poor there and I think the guys deserve something better)

There are, of course other plans not connected with sitting in front of the computer, like my friend's wedding, Australian friend's visit to Poland, a camp in Germany, etc. But, first things first. Tomorrow I'm going sailing with my friends. Hope the weather won't let me down...